Clients Reviews

Emilie has incredible energy and her hands were magical as they moved energy through my body. She is truly gifted with her hands and I noticed a difference in my body afterward. I felt lighter, calmer and free!

Jillian Dancer

Emily is truly a gifted healer! She is very compassionate and made me feel completely comfortable. During my session, I felt her physically moving energy deep within me and work out my emotional unbalances. I also told her I wanted extra work on my face because I was having acne inflammation. I could actually feel my face vibrating with energy and the days following my session the redness had gone down! I also loved that after the session we talked about my experience. I was able to tell her what emotions came up and she gave me advice as to why I felt the way I did. Emily is an amazing person and I highly recommend seeing her for a reiki session.

Amanda Berzin

This was my first Reiki experience and I must say Emilie was wonderful!
I had 5 sessions with her and my life has improved drastically. Not only my outlook has changed but also my body and spirit feel so much better.
I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing or is in search of any kind of inner peace.

Sarah Roucaud

I was lucky enough to receive reiki treatment from Emilie. Wow! Emilie's hands have such a magical touch, they get really hot at times, I felt heatwaves through my body, sensations, and emotions rising. She has an incredible talent for channeling energy, a surprising intuition to find what needs to be brought to light and cared for, in addition to being a beautiful human. Without hesitation, I recommend it, even to the most skeptical of this world!

Isabelle Monet

I felt such a connection with Emilie. I could feel her energy ad warm nature. Tears came up and the session had not yet begun. I felt energized during my hour of Reiki. Electric blue, green and white colors kept coming to me during our session. I felt waves of heat through my body. And the nice chat we had afterward left me feeling heard, supported, cared for and important. I highly recommend her.

Lucie Gratton

I came in with an open mind and heart, not knowing what to expect. I felt immediately into an altered state of deep relaxation. I was literally buzzed. My body was so heavy and immobile and fully surrendered. I felt vibrations of energy going in through both of my ears. It was the most relaxing experience. A few days later,  still feel a sense of calm and peace in my everyday life. Thank you Emilie!

Danielle Chenier

After many attempts at counseling, I found more personal benefits in Emilie's coaching that I ever experienced in all my counseling sessions combined. I didn’t realize how much I was missing out on by just settling for the way things are in relationships, social situations, and in my professional life. Thank you for your kind and supportive guidance!

Robbie White

Emilie's abundant compassion, and wisdom aside, her greatest strength lies in her fearless approach towards clarity. I found her to be invaluable in transforming my life from a place that had become very muddled to one where I felt greater autonomy, resilience, and courage to seek my own clear vision for myself.

P. Hillman

I began receiving Coaching and massage from Emilie during a difficult time in my life. She is a gifted healer and helped me navigate many challenges in a healthy way. Her abilities as a coach helped me establish my own practices to move forward. An experienced and inspiring human.

Patrick M.

I've received two reiki energy sessions from Emilie and she is amazing... Intuitive, connected, friendly & warm, good with her hands. She has a great sensibility about where you're at and what you might need, and meets you right there! I highly recommend her energy work if you're looking to feel rejuvenated, relaxed and joyful!

Peneloppe P.

Emilie is an amazing coach. She genuinely cares about helping others overcome energetic and mental blocks through her work. She is wise, deeply compassionate, and makes you feel comfortable and understood. After our session, I felt a release of negative energy and a better understanding of what was causing my pain and blocks. I'm excited to continue a journey of personal growth.

Skyler Adelson