Reiki Treatment

Energy Reiki

During a session, my unique hands-on approach is intuitive and my psychic abilities allow you to feel and remove stuck energy that's blocked in your body. 

After a session, you will feel more connected to your inner guidance and the world around you and your intuition, sensitivity, and emotions will most likely be heightened.

Benefits of Reiki

- Restores inner harmony and increases well-being

- Brings deep states of relaxation

- Increases the vitality of body and mind

- Promotes the evacuation of toxins and strengthens the immune system

- Accelerates the natural healing process

- Brings a deeper sense of awareness and mindfulness

- It relieves and soothes physical or psychic pain

- It enhances your creativity, spirituality, feeling of connectedness

- It helps cancer patients overcome chemotherapy treatments while giving them strength and also reduce pain induced by the treatments

- It is complementary to natural therapies and traditional medicines

- It helps eliminates stress, anxiety, insomnia, phobias

- Helps to align with the natural flow of life

 Cost of a session:

1h15 / $80