About Me

I am a dedicated Life coach, Reiki Master, and teacher of holistic ways of life.

The practice of energy work found me in 2012 at a challenging time in my life. It was my first step towards a profound and life-changing journey into deep inner work and radical self-transformation. I then embarked on an eight-year spiritual adventure traveling around the globe, being drawn to the most mystical and high vibrational places. 

I also studied human psychology and sexuality for 4 years at "L'Universite Du Quebec A Montreal" and I am a certified life coach from the "Rhodes Wellness College Of Vancouver". I'm deeply committed to my life purpose of sharing the knowledge and wisdom I've acquired, and I want to assist as many people as possible on their own journey towards ultimate vitality, self-realization, and well-being.

It's with kindness and compassion that I guide you towards peace, flow, clarity, vibrancy, purpose, and alignment.